DIY Fracking Kit

How low can you go? The future is under your feet.

In this box is everything you will need to start your own personal drilling and fracking operation. (Access to a power supply is required).

Note: Drilling and shale gas extraction uses a lot of electricity. Experience has demonstrated that using someone else's supply is sensible in order to avoid a diminished financial benefit from your project. The manufacturers take no responsibility for any incidental side effects related to the use of this product:
earthquakes, tremors, subsidence, explosion, fire, air-contamination, water pollution, reduction of ozone layer, injured kittens, lost children, neighbourhood disputes and noise pollution. Take care using explosives and chemicals – they can be harmful to your health. Damage to sewers, utility pipes, cables, wires and ducting is best avoided. In the unlikely event of an accident the manufactures accept no liability – and you should do the same.

Drill not supplied. Gas storage facility not supplied. Check contents of the box carefully before assembly. There are lots of small bits to swallow should you want to.
Personal safety: Wear some clothes when operating the equipment. Flip-flops should preferably have steel toe-caps. Avoid smoking if you find gas. Don't drink more than 14 units of alcohol during operation of this kit. Protect puppies from loud noises.

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