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erosion zone
mixed media installation

"Hilarious, witty, pretty, thought provoking and more"

Taking coastal erosion as the theme, artists Jeff Pigott and Julia Warin have set out to explore the issues, misunderstandings and fascinating geological science that makes the Jurassic Coast so unique and beautiful.

Their approach is to represent the point where people and landscape meet and the relationship that then develops as a result. What we see, encounter, walk on, are at risk from and are inspired by has been formed over hundreds of millions of years. It is not fixed in time, but in a constant state of change and flux – made evident by the extreme storms, floods and coastal change witnessed this past winter (2013-14).

Employing the commercial phenomena of "shopping" Erosion Zone replicates seemingly familiar products, advertising, marketing and the popular media to present an important message - that we cannot own, control or stop nature - or turn it into neat packaged commercial products. We have to learn to live with a changing landscape and embrace the opportunities that this offers us. As individuals we need to form our own personal and unique relationship with the natural environment and come to realise that erosion is the process by which the land is formed and how it continues to evolve.

Exploring Erosion was commissioned by the Jurassic Coast Trust with funds from Arts Council England (Lottery) and also supported by West Dorset District Council and Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The project was managed by Bridport Arts Centre on behalf of the Dorset Arts Trust, with support from Dorset County Council.