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Celebrating by Candlelight

A specially commissioned performance by year 3 & 4 students from St Luke's, St Katharine's and Stourfield Schools tells the story of a famous visitor to Bournemouth, the Empress Eugénie, and the history of candle lighting in Bournemouth Gardens.

The performance was a culmination of residencies at the schools exploring the tradition of candle lighting and the moving story of Empress Eugénie. Part of the Dorset-wide Inside Out festival

The project was led by Activate as part of the Cultural Hub and Inside Out festival, in partnership with Bournemouth Borough Council Arts Development, Events and Libraries, Dorset History Centre, Poole Libraries, and Wave.

Artists: Polly Beestone, Jeff Pigott (ArtSpark), Lee Hart and Greta Hennessy.
Project managers: Jenny Gordon and Lorna Rees.

Jeff Pigott
Julia Warin
Polly Beestone