Kiosk has evolved into its present form over several years, and is effectively the result of the recycling of our own artworks into a new entity.

Our first experiments with the genre of packaging and marketing as a means of creative expression came during a Year of the Artist Residency, when sea-side shopping and beach combing inspired us to make "souvenirs" and "inter-active art kits" for the show Journeys to the Edge.

Our fascination with the kitsch, mass-produced, impersonal detritus of the gift shop, contrasted with the wide open beauty of the shore. The mysteries of chance finds and washed up debris made beautiful by the elements were treated as special and became our souvenirs and memories of that moment.

Those first explorations led to both idiosyncratic, multiple souvenirs and one-off special finds, raised to iconic status in niches and frames – questioning the power of an object to hold a memory. It also led to our first installation of retail display stands as gallery exhibits and the first confused viewers trying to grasp the concept of a sales display which is not for sale.

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