Kiosk is egalitarian. It represents a place that apparently sells everything. The clash and juxtaposition of products – from the essential to the novelty - take on a surreal quality. The kiosk is common across all the continents of the world in one form or another. Many are crucial to the community they serve, just like the corner store or post office in the UK.

Kiosk is inspired by our ongoing fascination with the world of retail - see amart - and a delight in the quirky and sometimes scary experience of living in a consumer society. We are interested in the processes that cause us to desire to own something, and how we can be seduced through advertising, presentation and marketing. Presented here, Kiosk is a combination of new works, ready-mades and artist’s multiples from previous exhibitions and installations.

Kiosk was designed and made by Jeff Pigott and Julia Warin with technical support from Keith Wright.

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