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space mission

Height - 4.6 metres
Base width - 3 metres
Materials – recycled  metal, cardboard, paint, paper, found objects, wood, imagination.

Astronauts – 2 m and 1.4m tall
Materials, recycled wood, tents, pillows, paint tins and found materials.

Artists/tech - Julia Warin, Jeff Pigott, Keith Wright, Holly Pigott, Karen Pigott

Brief – to create a spectacular object to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the moon landings as a centrepiece for a marquee at a County Show.

Research – NASA rocket and moon lander images, footage and recollections. Collected designs, imagery and music circa 1969. Sci fi, fantasy and comic book imagery.

Construction method - Wallace and Grommit, in ”A Grand Day Out". The deconstructivism of Ikea. Looking at collected, found and leftover materials on the studio floor.

Tech staff in conference

Watch the final mission of the rocket