xtreme arts studio
Summer Workshops at Kings Park Primary School

Workshop artists: Jeff Pigott, Karen Pigott and Julia Warin

The Xtreme Arts Summer School ran over three weeks at Xtreme Arts Studio, Kings Park Primary School, Boscombe. A range of workshops were offered lasting between 1 to 3 days for children from 8 to18 years of age. The number of participants was kept small so that the young people received quality teaching and support. At each workshop there was a lead artist and an assistant for 8 to 10 children.

Xtreme Arts is a real artist’s studio, set-up, managed and run by students from Kings Park School. It is based on the successful Room 13 studios running in schools in Scotland and Bristol. The studio has its own building on the school campus, and has professional artists in residence to work with the students. The theme and topic of work is up to the young people, supported and encouraged by the artist.

Current artists in residence: Heidi Steller and Denise Poote

Visit the studio website at: xtreme arts